Maintenance and Repairs

Scheduled maintenance of your equipment can not only extend its life span but also helps consume less energy when called upon. Servicing is important for all systems to ensure they are running at their best, free from faults and working to keep your business running all year round. We also cater for TM44 inspections where necessary.

Whether you have a new system that is still under warranty or a system that has served you well, maintaining it ensures constant efficiency and reliability time and time again

Equipment Covered

Air Conditioning

⦁ Air Conditioning Cassettes
⦁ Air Conditioning Wall Mounts
⦁ VRV & VRF Systems
⦁ Air Cooled Chillers
⦁ Wet Systems
⦁ Water Cooled Chillers
⦁ Ducted Systems & Hidden Systems
⦁ Fan Coils
⦁ DX Systems

Equipment Covered

Heating Systems

⦁ Commercial Boilers
⦁ Commercial Hot Water
⦁ Warm Air Heating
⦁ Gas Fired Heaters
⦁ Radiators
⦁ Panel Heaters
⦁ Expansion Vessels
⦁ Pumps
⦁ Pressurisation Units
⦁ Valves
⦁ Warm Air Curtains


Equipment Covered

Ventilation Systems

⦁ Air Handling Units (AHU)
⦁ Heat Recovery Systems (HRU)
⦁ Mechanical Extract Ventilation (MEV)
⦁ Lossnay Systems
⦁ Grilles and Diffusers
⦁ Ductwork Cleaning
⦁ Ductwork Sterilisation
⦁ Fresh Air Supply

Additional Services Provided

⦁ Planned Preventative Maintenance
⦁ CAD Drawings
⦁ Pre-acquisition Surveys
⦁ Environmental Monitoring
⦁ Maintenance and Servicing
⦁ Commissioning and Decommissioning
⦁ Troubleshooting and Testing
⦁ F-Gas Regulation Reports
⦁ TM44 Inspections
⦁ UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply) Maintenance
⦁ Generator Maintenance

Free Site Survey !

A site survey is the best way for us to understand the type of equipment you have on site and its maintenance requirements.

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