About Us

SAC Services Ltd

Who We Are

SAC Services Ltd was formed in 1995 to provide a design, installation and maintenance service for close control, comfort air conditioning heating and associated M & E Services for a wide range of commercial/industrial buildings. With over 50 years combined experience in the Building Services and Air Conditioning industry, the Directors have a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of the industry.

Our Standards

Health & Safety

It is the intention of SAC Services Ltd to secure a high standard of safety in all areas under its control.  All employees shall conduct their activities, both on the company’s premises and those of our customers, with due regard for the safety of all. Procedures and requirements to achieve this are set out in the company safety policy.

SAC Services Ltd has achieved Safe Contractor certification status.


What We Offer

  • A comprehensive and up-to-date technical knowledge of the regulations, systems and the individual pieces of equipment – thus offering the most appropriate and cost effective solution.
  • Quality workmanship from technically competent and strategically based engineers – with fast response, rapid diagnosis and rectification – providing service confidence and value for money.
  • Efficient and timely administrative feedback and paperwork – making your job as trouble-free as possible.
  • The flexibility and efficiency of a smaller company but one dedicated to practical customer service.

Our Goal

Mission Statement

To provide a professional, competent and honest approach to the services we provide, achieved by continual development of our methods, procedures and staff.

To provide a working environment where all employees have the opportunity to reach their full potential and contribute to SAC Services Ltd’s continuing success.

Environmental Policy

Complying With Legislation And Preventing Pollution.

Through our project work and expertise we aim to identify significant environmental problems while providing technical and managerial solutions.  We commit to identifying and improving environmental performance and preventing pollution.  As a minimum we will comply with all relevant legislative requirements and, where they exist, appropriate industry guidance and voluntary agreements.

Working With Clients

We will seek to encourage clients to adopt low environmental impact solutions and we will engage in industry discussions to further environmental debate and understanding.

Our Operations

We will endeavour to use our offices as examples of good environmental practice, working within the constraints of our current building stock.

Using Energy Efficiently

We are committed to:

  • Reducing the environmental impact arising from energy consumption in our offices;
  • Promoting the use of clean, energy efficient technologies in our  designs.
Managing Material Use

We aim to minimise the use of natural resources in our office operations and projects by adopting the concepts of reduce, reuse, recycle:

  • Seek opportunities to reduce significant material use
  • Encourage the re-use of materials
  • Encourage the recycling of materials and use of recycled  materials.
Communication and Endorsement

This policy is endorsed by the directors.  All staff also have responsibility for endeavouring to reduce the environmental impacts of their work.