Nationwide installation, maintenance and repairs covering all aspects of;
Air Handling Units, Heat Recovery units, Fresh air supply and extract, Clean Rooms, Equipment Specific Ventilation and more.

We also offer a full design, supply and fit service for all commercial ventilation projects.

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Mechanical Ventilation

Types of Ventilation Systems

Ventilation is a staple in every commercial building to help supply more air flow for both people, hygiene and safety reasons. Certain buildings due to size and nature require a legislative air exchange per hour to ensure the people inside are supplied fresh, clean air. Contact us for details on how to understand your air flow requirements for your business.

We offer a full design, supply and fit service for;

⦁ Air Handling Units – AHU
⦁ Heat Recovery Units – HRU
⦁ Mechanical Extract Ventilation – MEV
⦁ Fresh Air Supply and Extract
⦁ Equipment Specific Ventilation
⦁ Exhaust Systems
⦁ Clean Rooms
⦁ Ductwork Modifications

Businesses and areas that benefit from ventilation systems.

Mechanical ventilation is required in buildings such as;

⦁ Offices
⦁ Restaurants
⦁ Manufacturing
⦁ Production Lines
⦁ Clean Rooms
⦁ Dental and Doctors Surgeries
⦁ Schools, Colleges and Universities
⦁ Manufacturing
⦁ Hotels
⦁ Catering and Food Facilities
⦁ Workshops
⦁ Warehouses
⦁ Factories
⦁ Gyms and Sports Areas


SAC Services only use recognised global brands such as;

Additional Services We Provide

⦁ Planned Preventative Maintenance
⦁ CAD Drawings
⦁ Pre-acquisition Surveys
⦁ Environmental Monitoring
⦁ Maintenance and Servicing
⦁ Commissioning and Decommissioning
⦁ Troubleshooting and Testing
⦁ F-Gas Regulation Reports
⦁ TM44 Inspections
⦁ UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply) Maintenance
⦁ Generator Maintenance

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A site survey is the best way for us to understand your mechanical ventilation requirements and the correct equipment needed.

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